Masterclass by Dilip Kapur - Founder of Hidesign says, "If they don't know you, they won't buy from you"

If they dont know you, they wont buy from you - Dilip Kapur, Founder of Hidesign on importance of Branding in Academy 10X Masterclass.

A single line from Mr.Dilip Kapur of Hidesign that speaks volumes about the importance of branding.

Whether it is a product or service; consumers are eager to ‘own’ and ‘use’ things that they believe will add value to their lives.

But prior to that, it is important that they enjoy the courting that invites them to come forward and become an owner. This is crucial for a brand, as they must learn how to become acquainted with the customer and further delving into an explanation on the attributes of your product, come only second to this step.

A foundation is necessary to create a connect with your target audiences and this is what will enable – recall, return, loyalty and longevity. Every business must focus on creating an identity that consumers will relate too - language, visual, motto, emotion and investment are some of the key traits a brand uses to communicate with audiences.

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