Why offline retailers need digital transformation & what it means for retail!

The retail customer is evolving and so is his or her shopping journey. 83% of customers want their shopping experience to be personalized, which means the retailer cannot be far behind and has to evolve and transform as well.  

If there is one thing all of us have learnt in these uncertain times, it has got to be the power of staying connected; staying united and being one as a community, to overcome what’s befallen us. The aim of a professional or an entrepreneur is to grow their business and reach out to people that find relevance in the same, and this is also one of the most prime challenges. The answer is going digital.

Mukul Bafana, CEO of Omuni.com, explains why brick and mortar retailers need to pay attention in transforming their business into digital.


Watch him and other retail experts share their knowledge on retail transformation which is happening at the moment. Here’s how digital transformation is transforming the retail industry.

Making Omnichannel Retail a Reality

Omnichannel retail means providing a unified experience to your customers across channels. It involves meeting your customers wherever they are without missing any touch-points. Brick-mortar stores, mobile shopping, social media, market places to every time customers go online, the channels are plenty and digital transformation is helping organizations achieve this Omnichannel presence through careful planning and use of technologies.

The advantages of providing the Omnichannel experience to customers is undisputed. It is the only way for traditional retailers to remain relevant and maintain their edge over the likes of Amazon that are threatening their very existence.

Having customer data that is well organized and insightful, teams that are well integrated and work together and most importantly the ability of recognizing a customer across channels are important to ensure the success of an organization’s Omnichannel strategy.

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Influencing Shopping Behavior

A customer first approach where you listen to what your customer desires- and provide them with it, is a good way to embark on the digital transformation journey. However, as you mature in the journey and after you have provided your customer with services they want – be it customization, seamless online experience and faster processes – the stage is set for re-invention.

With digital transformation – data transformation more specifically, you can influence their shopping behavior, find out what is driving their buying decisions and also what stops them from buying something.

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